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Our services

GPS Survey:

  • With our Trimble 5700 GPS  and base station we are able to survey your property to less than 1 cm accuracy.

Design facility:

  • We use Raincad, W Cadi with Model Maker to enable us to do a 3 dimensional design. This enables us to do a very accurate design.
  • Our designers are LIA and SABI qualified.

Consultants to developers and landscape architects:

  • We consult to landscape architects and developers from an early planning stage.
  • We consult to government institutions and large corporate companies.

Supply of equipment:

  • We supply irrigation equipment to preferred contractors, home owners; and through retail outlets in outlying areas.

Technical support:

  • We provide technical support to preferred contractors.

Agricultural irrigation:

  • We offer a complete solution for the agricultural irrigation needs of the farming community.

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Supply and Installation of
Solar Powered Irrigation
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